Exclusive Clip From The Oxford Murders

ComingSoon.net has your exclusive first look at a clip from Álex de la Iglesia’s crime-thriller The Oxford Murders, opening in theaters on August 6th.

In the film, based on Guillermo Martinez’s award-winning novel, an elderly woman is viciously murdered in Oxford and her body is discovered by two strangers whose lives are immediately changed forever: Arthur Seldom (John Hurt), a prestigious professor of logic, and Martin (Elijah Wood), a young graduate student who has just arrived at the university hoping to be Seldom’s pupil.

It quickly becomes clear that hers is the first in a series of increasingly bizarre murders, with each victim’s corpse marked by strange symbols. Professor and student join forces to try and crack the code, setting into motion an elaborate game with the killer with ever-increasing stakes. As Martin gets closer to the facts, he grows increasingly unhinged from his grasp on the world around him.

You can watch the clip below and we’ve included the trailer as well.


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