Linnea Quigley Remembers Don Calfa

Return of the Living Dead star Linnea Quigley remembers her colleague Don Calfa

Earlier today, we announced the passing of Don Calfa, a great character actor, an underrated comedy genius and eccentric who forever endeared — and will continue to endear — himself to horror film fans for his role as Ernie the mortician in Dan O’Bannon’s 1985 masterpiece The Return of the Living Dead.

Don’s co-star in that film, genre film actress and icon Linnea Quigley, connected with us this afternoon to share her thoughts on the passing of her colleague and friend.

From Linnea:

“I wanted to say some things about Don. Don really was a movie star, through and through. He’d wear an ascot for interviews and always travel with pictures in his car, just in case a fan wanted one. Don was a storyteller, making you want to listen to every word. He was also the funniest man alive and even when he wasn’t being funny he was very caring and protective and kind. Outside of our work in Return of the Living Dead I did the movie The Treasure of the Moongoddess with him and – especially on treasure – I really got to know him well. And that’s why it really hurts not to be able to see and talk to Don anymore. I’ll miss him and know somewhere out there, he’s championing.the rabid weasels of the world…”

Rest well, Don Calfa.


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