10 Great Horror Movies with Blood in the Title


10 Great Horror Movies with Blood in the Title

A look at 10 great horror movies whose titles promise much blood

The cornerstone of the great horror movies is blood. Well, certainly not every horror film deals in our precious life-fluid leaking out of our bodies but most of them rely squarely on exploiting that innate revulsion, that primordial dread of getting opened and emptied.

We’re born in blood, some of us will die in blood. That’s the cold, hard, red fact. So it makes sense that savvy entertainers have tried to harness that horror for their filmed wares. Indeed, there are hundreds upon hundreds of movies that blast their promise of blood right there in the title. In the late 1960s and early 1970s especially, during the international exploitation film boom, blood was a solid hook to get the kids to drop their dollars and put their bums in seats.

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Here, in this little list designed to assist you in wasting some of your vital time left on this planet, we trot out 10 great horror movies. Some you may have seen, some you may have at least heard of and there might be one or two here that are new to you.

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