Midnight Suns Teaser Introduces Ghost Rider

Midnight Suns Teaser Formally Introduces Ghost Rider

While he was one of the first revealed heroes, Firaxis Games has just now gotten around to more formally introducing its rendition of Midnight Suns‘ Ghost Rider.

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This trailer does show Robbie Reyes using his chains, fiery abilities, and signature Hell Charger vehicle. But, as is always the case, this is just the teaser for the upcoming deep dive that will go into his kit and specialties, so it’s currently unclear how these will all function during combat.

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Ghost Rider is one of the last heroes to get his spotlight, and it seems as though Firaxis is just about done breaking down its characters. However, the post explaining its season pass has an unannounced hero listed on it, meaning it possibly has one more character to cover before launch.


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