Gotham Knights 4-Player Co-Op Mode Announced

Gotham Knights Is Getting a Free 4-Player Co-Op Mode

Gotham Knights has four different playable heroes, but the game has only been confirmed to support two players at a time. And while its campaign is still going to maintain its two-player limit, Gotham Knights is going to get a free four-player co-op mode on November 29, over a month after its October 21 launch.

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Heroic Assault is the four-player mode and is separate from the story-based campaign. It’s an arena mode with specific objectives and enemies to defeat on each of its 30 floors, making it somewhat of a wave-based survival mode. This update does not allow four-player co-op in the main campaign, though, as outlined in an FAQ on the game’s website. WB Games Montréal did not post any videos or screenshots of this mode in action, either.

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Many thought WB Games Montréal was previously teasing four-player co-op back in May. The studio had tweeted out art of Red Hood and Nightwing in the foreground and two blurry characters deep in the background. It seemingly insinuated something that involved four players. A revised PlayStation Store listing also noted that it supported four players. However, the tweet ended up being a tease for a long gameplay reveal.


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