Far Cry 6 Expansion Reportedly Leaked on Xbox Store

New Far Cry 6 Expansion Reportedly Leaked on Xbox Store

Far Cry 6‘s roadmap ended in early 2022 with the release of its DLC centered around Joseph Seed, the antagonist from Far Cry 5, and its free Stranger Things crossover mission. Months of silence after the completed roadmap implied that Ubisoft was moving on, but a new leak implies the opposite, as a premature listing noted that the studio is releasing another expansion for the open-world title.

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Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia, who often pulls items from the Xbox Store and Windows Store before they are live, posted the logo for a Game of the Year edition upgrade for Far Cry 6. The logo in question notes of a season pass, Ultimate Pack (which is a bundle of previously released items), and an expansion.

Separating the expansion from the season pass is already a clue that more DLC is coming, but Aggiornamenti Lumia followed by explicitly saying the alleged name for the DLC: Lost Between Worlds. However, they didn’t provide a logo for it.

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Ubisoft has not stated that it is developing another expansion to Far Cry 6, nor has it confirmed a Game of the Year edition. The company didn’t even bring up the series at all during its recent Ubisoft Forward event.

But if this listing is accurate, it would mean that Ubisoft is returning to a Far Cry game much later than normal. Far Cry 6 was the 11th best-selling game in the United States in 2021, so going back to a successful title in such a manner isn’t too outlandish, even if it is out of the ordinary for the series. Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was also supported far longer than previous entries and even got multiple bundles, the most recent of which includes a season pass and its Dawn of Ragnarök expansion, mirroring what this Far Cry 6 listing is rumored to be.

There’s no clue hinting what this DLC could be about, but Vaas’ surprise involvement in Far Cry 6, his Insanity DLC (and its secret ending), and Far Cry 3‘s incoming 10th anniversary could also be a perfect storm to bring back the character. However, regardless of the listing and the coincidences around it, it’s all unconfirmed, which Ubisoft will hopefully clear up soon.


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