Winter Soldier Confirmed as Marvel's Avengers' Next Hero

Winter Soldier Confirmed as Marvel’s Avengers’ Next Hero

Confirming a recent report, Bucky Barnes, who is also known as the Winter Soldier, is going to be the next playable hero coming to Marvel’s Avengers. No release date was given, but the hero should be coming to the game for free sometime after September.

Crystal Dynamics spoke about Bucky in a post on its website. The post is mainly concerned with its 2.6 update that’s currently slated for September and will bring a “villain-focused adventure” revolving around M.O.D.O.K called “No Rest For the Wicked.” There’s also another update coming after with AIM’s Cloning Lab that will focus on endgame content.

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Bucky is coming after those two updates as a result of how those events play out in the story. Crystal Dynamics described him as a “hybrid brawler and marksman,” but did not give any specific hints about his playstyle. It sounds like he won’t be another echo hero like Mighty Thor and Kate Bishop, but that has yet to be fully confirmed. There’s no trailer of him in action, as the team only released the following shadowy image of him holding a weapon.

Winter Soldier Confirmed as Marvel's Avengers' Next Hero

The aforementioned report did state that Bucky was coming to the game, but he was also part of a recent datamine. Leaked files have characters directly talking to Bucky as well as Captain Marvel and She-Hulk. The latter two have yet to be confirmed, but Bucky’s inclusion does add yield more evidence that they are coming, especially She-Hulk as she has reportedly been in the works for some time. She was even bizarrely mentioned on an official Xbox stream.

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