Marvel's Avengers Mighty Thor Gets MCU Skin, Hawkeye's Civil War Suit Returns

Marvel’s Avengers’ Mighty Thor Gets MCU Skin, Hawkeye’s Civil War Suit Returns

It was only a matter of time until Mighty Thor got her most notable costume from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Crystal Dynamics recently announced that her armor from Thor: Love and Thunder would be coming to Marvel’s Avengers right alongside the return of Hawkeye’s skin from Captain America: Civil War.

The Mighty Thor Love and Thunder skin will be in the game’s marketplace on August 18, likely for 1,400 Credits (around $14) like most of the other MCU costumes. This armor for Jane Foster is coming to the game just over a month after Thor got his skin from the same film. She also only joined the action game’s roster in June.

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Hawkeye’s Civil War suit will be in the game on that same day, but through a different avenue. It can be found in Shipments, which contain various cosmetics. It was previously in Shipments in both February and June, meaning it cycles through every few months and this is just the newest part of its rotation.

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Marvel’s Avengers is supposedly getting much more than skins in the future. Datamined files contain audio pertaining to Bucky Barnes, Captain Marvel, and She-Hulk becoming playable characters in the future.


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