Midnight Suns' Wolverine Gameplay Showcase

Midnight Suns’ Wolverine Gameplay Showcase Is All About Healing and Slashing

As promised, Firaxis Games released yet another gameplay showcase for Midnight Suns, despite its recent delay. This one focuses on Wolverine and sees him using his aggression and adamantium claws to his advantage.

Wolverine is built around doing damage to multiple targets and being very tanky. His signature leaping ability can be chained to multiple foes or he can cash it out on one specific enemy, which is part of the game’s Full Combo mechanic. There also an unusual taunt where he insinuates that his opponents are stinky. Those affected then attack Wolverine, but he follows up each blow with a quick counter.

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His ultimate attack, Midnight Special, also specializes in dealing damage to a group at the same time. Players have to spend all of their Heroism — a resource in the game — and Wolverine goes berserk on random enemies. Damage goes up with each slash and the overall damage is related to how much Heroism was spent. Heroism also is also refunded based on how many kills this move does.

Wolverine’s healing cards are similarly layered. His passive allows him to recover health anytime a card is redrawn. And once he goes down, players will automatically draw a revive card that requires Heroism to use, which will reward those who think ahead. Another healing card can even be used when he is incapacitated, which is not something that other characters can do.

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It’s unclear who the star of the next gameplay showcase will be. Firaxis is burning through many heroes, as it has already shown Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel. However, it appears to have a big enough roster to fill up at least a few more episodes.


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