Spider-Man Midnight Suns

Spider-Man Takes the Spotlight in Latest Midnight Suns Teaser

No Marvel ensemble is complete without Spider-Man and Midnight Suns is no exception. After revealing that he would be in the game back in June, developer Firaxis Games released a short video focused on him and hinted at how he will play in this tactical RPG, one that brings together a collection of well-known and obscure heroes to take on a supernatural threat in a way that’s unlike almost any Marvel game ever released.

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Midnight Suns‘ most recent Hero Spotlight shows that Spider-Man is an agile threat that can take on multiple foes simultaneously. The short video shows bits of this in action, and the post on the game’s website gives a small snippet of insight in his move set. His Distributed Damage Specialty makes him handy with his environment (like in Insomniac Games’ open-world games) and lets him chuck barrels and generators around the battlefield without expending resources. Spider-Man will also share a voice with his Insomniac Games counterpart, as Yuri Lowenthal returns to bring the character to life in this new game.

But this is only a small preview. As with Iron Man and Captain America, Firaxis Games is teasing out the complete gameplay reveal for Spider-Man, which should hit the Midnight Suns YouTube channel sometime in the next week. For now, the teaser shows off a few choice scenes of action, including Spider-Man summoning Iron Spider-esque pincers for a super move.

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There are likely many more these to come before Midnight Suns‘ October 7 release date, as Firaxis said this would be a regular series.


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