Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök Trailer Shows the Mythical Realm of Svartalfheim

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla‘s Dawn of Ragnarök expansion is one of the bigger March releases, even though it’s not a standalone game. This DLC takes players into the dwarven realm of Svartalfheim and contains plenty of fantastical elements, which Ubisoft dove into in a recent trailer.

This footage gives the deepest look at the DLC yet, far more than its cinematic reveal trailer. After a brief segment introducing the story of how Eivor’s dreams led them into Svartalfheim, it gives a bit of a tour of the realm itself. The area holds a forge and is full of enormous structures and mountains. This land also contains two opposing forces for Odin: the Jotun and Muspels. The former could be found in the main game within its Asgard storyline, but the latter is a new, fire-based foe.

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To combat these threats, the dwarves give Odin the Hugr-Rip, a gauntlet that lets them take powers from enemies. Some of the examples shown lets Odin teleport around, whip to certain places with their bow, and fool fellow Jotun through a disguise. The trailer even shows Odin turning into a bird and flying and turning fallen Jotun into allies. Ubisoft claims these choices will let players more carefully choose their own playstyle. There are also new traditional abilities like being able to end combos with an axe uppercut that stuns enemies.

Svartalfheim even has a suite of new armor and gear to find. The game’s leaked achievement list has Hreidmar’s Cursed Armor as one of the mythical pieces of armor. They can all be upgraded and then also transferred to Eivor. And even though Odin doesn’t have a settlement like Eivor, they can find shelters where the dwarves are hiding and use them as hubs useful for side quests and upgrades. There are other types of missions to find like new Valkyrie trials that put each player’s combat skills to the test.

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And given how this is an Assassin’s Creed game, Dawn of Ragnarök will also give more insight into the Isu and how their story relates to Odin and humankind. These grander threads will be mixed into the themes of destiny and the more immediate plot of Odin trying to free his son, Baldr, from Surtr, the unkillable giant.


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