Rockstar Apologizes for Busted GTA Remasters, Promises Some Fixes

Rockstar Apologizes for Busted GTA Remasters, Promises Some Fixes

The Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was met with a lot of hype when it was finally announced after multiple reports and leaks. But Rockstar was playing this one particularly close to its chest and only selectively showing footage of these classic open-world titles, which was concerning to some. Launch day bug compilations and damning viral tweets seemingly proved why Rockstar was so secretive as the trilogy was riddled with glitches and embarrassing visuals. And after over a week of total silence, Rockstar Games has finally apologized.

Rockstar posted its mea culpa on its website. The team apologized for its launch and that the bundle didn’t “launch in a state that meets [its] own standards of quality, or the standards [its] fans have come to expect.” To remedy this, Rockstar has multiple updates planned so it can “reach the level of quality that they deserve to be.” The first of these patches is set to release in the “coming days,” but Rockstar didn’t specifically say what this update will fix.

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This botched remaster has also brought some harassment to Rockstar’s side. The developer kindly asked its community to be respectful to its team members and be civil, which should be a given.

One odd part of this whole ordeal is that Rockstar also took the other versions of these Grand Theft Auto entries off digital storefronts, making this unfortunate remaster one of the only ways to easily play these games. This is still going to be the case for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, but Rockstar is adding the three games in their classic form to the Rockstar launcher on PC as one bundle very soon. Anyone who buys the remasters on PC until June 30, 2022 will also get these classic versions at no extra cost.

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These GTA remasters are still being widely mocked online in multiple ways from all sides. Bug compilations are making the rounds on YouTube. Viral tweets have ridiculed the character models. Poor reviews from the press have the game at a 55 average. Digital Foundry, known for its in-depth technical breakdowns, displayed how technically unsavvy the games are. It’s unknown (and unlikely) that patches will fix every issue, but it looks like almost anything will be an improvement.


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