Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut Rated for PS5, PS4

Current-gen upgrades of older games have been quite popular and it looks like another one of 2020’s biggest titles is making the jump to the new generation. Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut was recently rated for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, implying that a Game of the Year-esque version of the open-world action is inbound.

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This rating can be found on the ESRB’s website. As with most ratings, there isn’t much information in here about the actual game. These ratings are more meant to show the existence of certain game as ratings boards don’t usually evaluate fake titles.

The only small nugget of information is that it says that there are only in-game purchases in the PS4 version. Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t have any microtransactions — even the post-launch multiplayer mode was free — so this could referring to the Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade that base users can buy, something that would likely just be included in the PS5 version. This also implies that the Director’s Cut on PS4 could be the same exact title that came out last year (so don’t expect new trophies).

It’s also not clear at this stage if owners of the PS4 game would get the free PS5 version as Sony has both charged and given away PS5 upgrades in the past. Sucker Punch already updated Ghost of Tsushima to run better on PS5 so it would be a tricky proposition to charge for a game that already got some free improvements.

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If true, this might tie into the rumored Ghost of Ikishima expansion. This DLC is said to be a standalone title in the universe set on a Ikishima, an island just southeast of Tsushima.  Nick “Shpeshal_Nick” Baker, the person who leaked the expansion’s existence, guessed that it would be on both PS4 and PS5, which would make sense for Sony at this stage. The reports of the Ikishima-based game along with a rating for the Director’s Cut seem to go hand in hand as a new bundle would pair nicely with new content.

Sony has not officially commented or hinted about Ghost of Tsushima‘s future. It may not need to as this point as there have also been loose rumors of Sony having some sort of State of Play within the near future.