PUBG Mockumentary Brings Back Beyond Belief's Jonathan Frakes

PUBG Mockumentary Brings Back Beyond Belief’s Jonathan Frakes

PUBG Corporation has spent some time trying to inject a narrative and world into PUBG and its latest fictional video has recruited some very real talent. Jonathan Frakes, known for his roles on Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction and Star Trek: The Next Generation, hosts a new video calling back to his time on the former television show as he dissects the world of PUBG and the events in the game’s universe. This is not the first time Frakes has contributed to PUBG‘s “Mysteries Unknown” series, but the first time he’s been on camera.

Titled “Mysteries Unknown: Birth of the Battlegrounds,” this 17-minute mockumentary delves into PUBG‘s history as in the style of Beyond Belief, complete with Frakes’ iconic delivery and cadence. There are interviews with “experts” like Dr. Ursula Bauer of Tythonic Industries (one of the companies in the game) and Alexei Sychov, one of Sergei Kalimnick’s former associates. Kalimnick is the centerpiece of the lore as he was the one who started the Battlegrounds. It gives a history of Kalimnick before its nebulous ending that hints at yet another episode.

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Frakes’ other “Mysteries Unknown” episodes are rather short in comparison and only included his voice. He hosted a four-minute installment one in May 2020 as well as a 73-second one in October 2020. However, this longer episode seemed to have a bigger budget and more hype around it since PUBG Corporation started teasing the mockumentary last week.

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