Minecraft Celebrates Sonic the Hedgehog Anniversary With DLC

The world of Minecraft is about to get an injection of speed, as Sonic the Hedgehog and a couple of his friends are making their way into the game as DLC. And that pack is out right now for $7.99, just one day before the hedgehog’s actual 30th anniversary.

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To celebrate that anniversary of the iconic Sega character, Minecraft is giving players the chance to experience the legendary game series in a way they never have. The trailer teases the ability to play through Minecraft versions of some very well-known Sonic maps, including Green Hill Zone that are littered with loops to run through and bounce pads to fly off of. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Sonic game without rings, and this new DLC has that as well, although they are a bit blockier than how fans may remember them.

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In addition to the ability to play through classic Sonic levels, other Sonic characters also seem to have their own skins, too. Costumes for Dr. Robotnik, Shadow, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles can also be seen in the trailer. To coincide with the DLC, a special Sonic 30th-anniversary event server will be going live in the game sometime later today, with The Hive hosting a two-week server-hub takeover that will have some mini-games as well as some other “festive surprises.”