Exclusive: Watch Jonathan Frakes’ Hilarious PUBG Mysteries Unknown Bloopers

ComingSoon is excited to exclusively debut outtakes from Jonathan Frakes’ PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mockumentary, Mysteries Unknown.

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The Star Trek: The Next Generation and Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction star has recently been collaborating with PUBG Corporation to create mockumentaries for the popular battle royale shooter. The Mysteries Unknown series kicked off with a 17-minute episode showing Frakes channeling his Beyond Belief skills that delved into the game’s expanding lore. In this exclusive blooper reel, Frakes shows off a funnier side to these self-serious lines as he makes light of PUBG‘s most iconic phrase of “winner, winner, chicken dinner” and jokes around while on set.

Check out the hilarious Jonathan Frakes PUBG Mysteries Unknown outtakes below:

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Frakes has only shot a teaser and one full episode so far and it’s not yet known if there are more in production. Given the nebulous ending of the first installment and suite of unanswered questions, hopefully, there are more coming.