Tekken X Street Fighter Hasn’t Been Canceled After All

Fighting game fans can exhale a little, as reports of Tekken X Street Fighter’s demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

During the latest episode of Tekken series lead Katsuhiro Harada’s video talk show Harada’s Bar, the English subtitles for the show stated that Harada had claimed that the project was dead in the water. However, this was not what was intended to be said. Whilst talking about concept art, Harada was subtitled as saying “We wanted to show it, but the project died.” In a tweet, he clarified that it should have said that the development has been paused for the time being, as opposed to being terminated altogether.

“We are still hopeful that TKxSF will resume development when the opportunity arises,” says Harada. “However, such a title cannot be moved just for the convenience of one company in terms of marketing and branding, and it also affects each other’s development resources. For now, we are just waiting for the right opportunity.”

Tekken X Street Fighter was announced some 11 years ago alongside the reverse title Street Fighter X Tekken, which was released in 2012. While the news that the game hasn’t officially been put out to pasture is welcome, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be hitting store shelves anytime soon. In fact, in an interview with VGC, Harada himself has been quoted as saying that it’s “harder to justify releasing another game” given how well Tekken 7 has been doing. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for some even more positive news about the collaboration.


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