Xbox Mini Fridge Gets Trailer & Release Window

Finally, the E3 trailer we’ve have all been waiting for. Microsoft officially revealed the Xbox Mini Fridge during its E3 2021 showcase. Users who want one of these tiny refrigerators will be able to grab one in holiday 2021. Microsoft did not give a more specific date or general price.

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As seen in the trailer, the Xbox Mini Fridge looks just like the console that sits besides your television, except it’s cooler because it’s a fridge. While the dimensions are still a mystery, the fridge looks to a hold a total of 10 or so 12-ounce cans; the bottom and middle shelves holding four cans, while the top shelf holds two cans that can lay on its side. There is also a nice green interior that lights the inside of the fridge.

As mentioned in the trailer, this is the “first time in Xbox history” an Xbox Mini Fridge is coming out. It is also the “world’s most powerful mini fridge.” As such, there is no better way to store your Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel. Microsoft showed off a normal-sized version of the fridge in 2020, but users were not able to buy it.

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This was just the cherry on top of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. A slew of games and release dates have been revealed including Starfield, Forza Horizon 5, The Outer Worlds 2, Redfall, and more.