Sea of Thieves Getting Pirates of the Caribbean DLC

Sea of Thieves Getting Pirates of the Caribbean DLC Crossover

Sea of Thieves‘ next batch of DLC is still pirate-themed, but a little different from its other many content updates as it a crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean. This content update will include the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow as he helps players on a whole new journey. This expansion, called Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, will be free for all players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via an update on June 22.

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The DLC will have five “incredible Tall Tales with secrets” and a slew of side quests. Players have to free Jack from prison and stop the carnage he has unleashed. The trailer shows him going along with the player’s crew, making wisecracks along the way. It’s unclear if Johnny Depp is reprising the role, but unlikely since it wasn’t mentioned. Rare said on Twitter it was a “labour of love for the crew” and that the team is “overjoyed” to reveal this collaboration.

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