Starfield Release Date, Platforms, & Trailer Leaked

UPDATE: Microsoft just confirmed the date in its press conference, showing the exact trailer that leaked with the same Starfield release date and platforms. But this trailer revealed a somewhat obvious detail: It will be playable on Game Pass on day one.

The Washington Post is known for breaking stories and now the publication just likely broke an embargo. The outlet posted a full trailer of Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated space RPG, ahead of Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The video, which was posted at 8:10 AM PT, reveals the Starfield release date as well as platforms. According to the trailer, it is coming to the Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 11, 2022, exactly 11 years after Skyrim.

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The game is not coming to the Xbox One, PS4, or PS5, which makes sense given Microsoft’s purchase of the company in September 2020 for $7.5 billion. That kind of money doesn’t often lead to giving away exclusives. There were rumblings of this being the case, as reported on by journalists like Jeff Grubb.

The trailer is very much a tease (which look close to the leaked images), as it only shows some brief looks into space, a spaceship, and a planetoid that looks like the moon. There’s some voiceover before it cuts to the rocket launching, which reveals the game’s proposed release date. There’s also a two-minute making-of video where Todd Howard briefly talks about the new journey the team has been on making a sci-fi RPG. He states that the team has only dreamt of making a game like this and now the technology they have can finally make that dream a reality.

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Players are part of Constellation, the last group of space explorers, as they search “for the answers to life’s greatest mystery.” Howard claims players can be who they want, go where they want, and experience the crafted story, and make their own. This trailer also appears to imply that Bethesda will be more open about the development process before release.