PlayStation Highlights Seven PSVR Titles Ahead of E3

The spotlight was on PlayStation VR today for Sony as the company announced several updates regarding some virtual reality titles in a brand new blog post. 

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The update shared today was strictly about games, and past titles that PlayStation has already talked about. First up, the highly anticipated Sniper Elite VR now has a release date, with the game set to drop on July 8. Similar to the other Sniper Elite entries, Sniper Elite VR will have you traveling through a war zone and taking down enemies, but this time it’ll be done all in virtual reality, and you’ll have more control than ever before. 

Elsewhere, the time-traveling experience Wanderer was also announced, allowing fans to get the chance to discover and embody an infamous cast of characters with some of history’s most daring explorers, revered inventors, and fearless conquerors. You’ll be able to do things like traveling back to Tesla’s lab to help him prepare his world power machine or experience the day in 1969 when humans first set foot on the moon. 

Two shooters were also shown off, with the PSVR FPS adventure title Fracked, set for release this summer, alongside a co-op shooter known as After the Fall that sees players fighting against mutated monsters in a barren, snowy wasteland. 

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Finally, three other games – Winds & Leaves, Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey, and Arashi: Castles of Sin – were all shown off, with Winds & Leaves getting a targeted release date of July 27 and the other two games getting some gameplay videos.

You can check out all of the games announced in a brief montage below: 


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