EA Hires Former Call of Duty GM to Head Up Battlefield Franchise

EA have started to wind up the hype machine for Battlefield 6, which is due to be revealed on June 9. Two incredibly fortuitously timed pieces of news have dropped this morning, the first of which sees ex-Call of Duty general manager Byron Beede being hired to lead the franchise.

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According to IGN, EA confirmed that Beede’s appointment “signals a strategic long-term commitment to the growth of the franchise.” Beede also worked on Destiny 2 during his 19-year stretch at Activision and in his new role will report directly to Respawn founder Vince Zampella. It’s expected that Beede’s “live service” experience will be brought to the fore, as EA tries to ensure that the franchise remains competitive against the perennial genre leader Call of Duty.

In related news, Battlefield 4 has been made available for free for PC players by Amazon’s Prime Gaming service. Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to claim a code for the title from Amazon, which they then have until July 21 to redeem via Origin. The code gives full access to the standard edition of the game on PC, so no DLC is included. Even still, that’s a great offer if you’re still looking to dip a toe into Battlefield’s first-person waters.

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Lots, lots more will be revealed about the future of Battlefield when EA hosts their reveal event on June 9.


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