Konami Gives Update On Key Projects, Won’t Be At E3 2021

Konami is one of gaming’s all-time great publishers, but it hasn’t had the busiest output in recent years due to its business model shifting toward pachinko and mobile offerings. However, the Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania publisher is looking to re-invest in console games, which led to the company clarifying that they won’t be at E3 2021 due to titles not being ready to be shown just yet.

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“Due to timing, we will not be ready to present at E3 this year,” Konami said in an official statement. “We want to reassure our fans that we are in deep development on a number of key projects, so please stay tuned for some updates in the coming months.”

Konami went on to clarify that while the company won’t be at E3 2021, this is solely due to its development schedule and not due to any friction with the Entertainment Software Association.

“While we are not participating this year, we have great respect for the ESA and know that 2021 will be a great success. We will continue to support the ESA and wish the best to all participants at this year’s show.”

So while news on a potential fresh offering in the Silent Hill or Contra franchises won’t be immediate, we can expect “updates in the coming months” on some of the Japanese publisher’s titles. The company also owns the assets of Hudson Soft, which gives them access to classic franchises such as BombermanAdventure Island and Bonk as well.

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