Jurassic Fight Club: The Complete Season One


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Rating: Not Rated


Special Features:
Additional Footage

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Widescreen (1.85:1)
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound
Running Time: 564 Minutes

The Movie:
The following is the official description of the film:

” For over a century, historians and scientists have been piecing together a history of the prehistoric world. This series examines the ultimate fighters of this unique period gigantic beasts that stalked the earth millions of years ago. Some of these dinosaurs were larger than seven-story buildings, and hunted their prey with strategy and cunning, transforming the prehistoric world into a battlefield. The temperature, terrain, and innate sense of the opponent s weaknesses and strengths all played a role in how each dinosaur planned his attack. Today, paleontologists are uncovering these fighting grounds and are gaining startling new insight into how maneuverability, team coordination, and striking at the exact moment meant survival. Blow by blow, each episode will dissect these battles, revealing a predatory world far more calculated and complex than we originally thought.

Packed new scientific discoveries and state-of-the-art CGI, “Jurassic Fight Club: The Complete Season One” include all 12 episodes on 4 DVDs.”

“Jurassic Fight Club: The Complete Season One” is not rated.

My kids and I love dinosaurs, so “Jurassic Fight Club” was right up our alley. If you see the cover to this DVD set, there are explicit warnings about dino violence and prehistoric gore. The logo is even splattered in blood. Too cool, right?

So we popped the DVD into the player and started watching one of the episodes. It starts out with a paleontologist talking about dinosaurs. And talking some more. And talking some more. My 4-year-old declared, “I want them to stop talking.” In short, he was saying he wanted more dinosaurs fighting and less science. I had to laugh at that one. Everything they were saying was quite interesting, but it was more documentary than ‘fight club.’ My 7 year old was more receptive to the scientific commentary, but even he wandered off after a while. Soon enough I was by myself watching it.

I was expecting each episode to feature some sort of major CG dinosaur battle. That wasn’t the case. It was mainly a lot of little clips of the dinosaurs fighting spread here and there with voiceovers by paleontologists. And over the course of the hour, I started realizing they were showing the same footage three or four times. It started becoming repetitive. That being said, the animation is pretty good for a TV show. Some shots are better than others, but generally it’s well done.

I’d recommend “Jurassic Fight Club” to kids first grade and up. And that’s not because of the gore or parental advisories. It’s because younger kids will probably be just plain bored with it. Older audiences should get a kick out of it for a nice mix of science and CG action.

Unfortunately, there are no real bonus features on this DVD. Some additional footage is advertised, but it’s not particularly noteworthy compared with what’s already in the episodes.

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