The Trailer for Horror Film The Lazarus Effect, Starring Olivia Wilde


Lazarus -469.cr2

Just yesterday, the first photo from the upcoming medical-students-play-with-the-dead film The Lazarus Effect arrived. Today, its trailer debuts and reveals a resurrected Olivia Wilde has more than just rough eyes.

Though featuring a Flatliners-like setup, The Lazarus Effect isn’t just visions of a dark past, it seems. Here, Mark Duplass, Donald Glover, Evan Peters and Wilde essay a group of students experimenting with dead tissue and the ability to resurrect it. An unfortunate accident leads Wilde’s character to be the first human tested, and upon her return, a hellish fury comes with her.

There’s plenty of demonic anguish, supernatural phenomena and stings in this first preview, but it seems undeniable the most evocative image is that of a newly resurrected Wilde sitting up, still shrouded in a sheet. Hopefully director David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi) delivers much more on that front.

The Lazarus Effect, written by Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater, hits theaters on February 27.