Four New Movie Virals Launch


It’s a veritable viral epidemic out there as four upcoming films have just launched some intriguing tie-in websites.

First up, Super 8 continues to aim for the mysterious, hiding the URL in the recent trailer (discovered thanks to the ARG players at Unfiction). The new site offers the chance to look through recently-developed Super 8 footage, teasing the plot of the upcoming J.J. Abrams film.

On another front, Real Steel has set up, the official website of World Robot Boxing. With a similar registration to Disney’s epic TRON: Legacy‘s Flynn Lives viral, this one could end up being quite extensive.

Thanks to Genre Addict, six codes have so far been unlocked and, when entered on the site, show up as different achievements on your account (3234ca14d, 1E4414ca2, de3e13bcb, 3eb33bc24, ecb4dbc33, 2d13a4e43).

Next up, Insidious has debuted (per two different sites, each exploring an aspect of the paranormal. Spectral Sightings represents a team-for-hire that hunts ghosts while Voices From the Further offers a blog that collects supernatural experiences, including the eerie video below.

Finally, Scream 4 rounds out the unreality with Sidney Prescott’s Facebook Page, which includes (as spotted by, the below magazine clipping with a description of the movie-within-a-movie, Stab, starring Tori Spelling as Sidney.