Birds Beat Scream at the Box Office


Horror doing well though in top 10

Early box office numbers are in for Scream 4 and it looks like the film is going to open at number two its opening weekend.

The estimated gross? $19.5. That’s below the opening weekends for the previous sequels which, to be fair, came out relatively close to one another and rode a modicum of fan momentum. Also, the film was opening against Rio, the animated kids film which dominated the weekend at number one.

Still, it’s being considered an underperformer.

James Wan’s Insidious continues to hold strong at the box office. The film grossed an additional $7 million this weekend and slipped to number six on the chart. For a film that cost only a reported million to make, it has done well for itself grossing an estimated $36 million to date.

Source: Deadline

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