Saw Franchise Scribes Board Halloween ‘Recalibration’



Plans for another Halloween film are coming into focus today as The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (whose credits include the latter four films in the Saw Franchise) have been hired to “recalibrate” the franchise. The trade uses that term, specifically eschewing the terms “remake,” “reboot” and “re-imagining.”

ShockTillYouDrop got an update from producer Malek Akkad (Moustapha Akkad’s son), who hinted that plans were then underway for a new approach to the successful series.

“We’re working on eleven as we speak,” said Akkad. “We’re working on a script right now. A new draft – perfect timing – is supposed to hit the day before Halloween. Hopefully my Halloween night reading will be a good read.”

The last entry in the Halloween series -– Rob Zombie’s Halloween II -– hit theaters in 2009 and grossed nearly $40 million worldwide ($33 million domestically). Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer were brought in at one time to tackle Halloween 3D. However, Dimension Films and Trancas International opted to go in another direction.