Charlaine Harris Talks True Blood Show Vs Novels


The author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels

The website Le High Valley Live had a lengthy chat with author Charlaine Harris about HBO’s True Blood series, adapted from her Sookie Stackhouse books and they got her thoughts on the show versus her original novels.

“I love the series,” she enthuses. “I am very fond of Alan (Ball), he is a genius at casting.”

Harris actually made a brief cameo in the season two finale as a customer at Merlotte’s, but that wasn’t the first time she’d met the cast. “I had met them all (the cast) previously,” she says “Filming the finale was kind of like a reunion. When I first met them I was very nervous because I didn’t know too many actors. We got along great … we are all people that have the same goals.”

In terms of sticking with the stories of the novels, she was asked how Alan Ball has deviated from the books? “He has had to elaborate on the secondary characters in the series because my books are written in first person, all told by Sookie. Alan has stuck to the outline of the books, with the first novel in the series corresponding with the first season of the series, same with the second.”

When pressed for her favorite character on the show, she confesses, “I’m really enjoying the character of Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) who is not in the books. A brilliant addition, I wish I had thought of it.”

And of course, the site asked where she stands on the Bill Vs Eric debate amongst fans. “They both came from my brain,” she says “so I’m really fond of both of them.”

She reveals that although she just turned in her 10th Sookie Stackhouse novel, she’s just signed on to deliver three more books.

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Source: Le High Valley Live