Regina King Seeks Answers in Netflix’s Seven Seconds Clip


Regina King Seeks Answers in Netflix's Seven Seconds Clip

Regina King seeks answers in Netflix’s Seven Seconds clip

Regina King (The LeftoversRay) is Latrice Butler in Netflix‘s Seven Seconds, an upcoming crime series. Butler is a mother to a child who was killed in an accident, searching for anything that might lead her to more information about the missing details regarding her son’s death. Watch her struggle with her remaining family in this latest clip on the player below.

Seven Seconds dives deep into the lives that are left in the wake of a conspiracy to cover up the death of a teenager. Black kid Brenton Butler is accidentally run over by a white cop, leading to his untimely demise and resulting in city-wide turmoil. With racial tension at a boiling point and police distrust at an alarming high, the local community explodes in anger while the parties directly involved deal with the aftermath.

Veena Sud (The Following) created and executive produced this Netflix original anthology crime drama.

The show stars Emmy award-winning actress Regina King, Clare-Hope Ashitey (Doctor Foster), Russell Hornby (Fences), Beau Knapp (Sand Castle), Michael Mosely (Ozark), David Lyons (Safe Haven), Raul Castillo (Special Correspondents) and Zackary Momoh (A United Kingdom).

Seven Seconds launches exclusively on Netflix on February 23.