Dexter Revival Gets First Teaser Video

Showtime cut through the social media hubbub today with a brief tease for their revival of the classic dark comedy/crime show Dexter.

Announced in October 2020, the 10-episode limited series will pick up ten years after where Season 8 left things in 2013. Michael C. Hall is returning as the titular serial killer in a brand new location far away from the original Miami locale. The tweet teaser showcases an ax embedded in a tree stump while Dexter ironically waxes poetic about returning to nature.

Check out the Dexter revival teaser below:

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Behind the scenes, the Dexter revival appears to be in good hands. In addition to the lead star returning to one of his most famous roles, showrunner Clyde Phillips returns as showrunner. Also returning is director Marcos Siega, who will executive produce. Siega directed nine episodes of the original show and will helm six of the revival season.

In previous talks, Phillips has said that the new show will not shy away from the controversial ending of Season 8, instead picking up the pieces and trying to give fans a better finale. The show is scheduled for a debut this fall with production currently underway.