Michael C. Hall is Talking About That Dexter Finale

I want to sweep “reactions to the Dexter finale” articles under the carpet just as much as I’d like to forget that Dexter series finale, yet – here we are – a little over six months since Showtime said goodbye to the show getting Michael C. Hall’s honest reaction to how things concluded.

In speaking to TV Line, he said that the wrap-up was “narratively satisfying” adding…

Video Mash-Up: Want to See Dexter Morgan Take On Patrick Bateman?

Internet, I’m proud of you. This was bound to happen and kudos to ‘Alex Kropinak’ for bringing this slice of cool to the web.

All of the elements to create this mash-up – which finds Dexter Morgan (of Showtime’s Dexter) on the trail of Patrick Bateman (American Psycho) – were in place and Kropinak deftly pieces them together for something…well, that works.

Dexter Spin-Off Talk, Hall’s Involvement – But Will It Happen?

?Showtime president David Nevins spoke to journalists at the Television Critics Association panel today. Naturally, good ol’ Dexter Morgan came into the discussion.

Since Dex bid adieu last year on Dexter (in a way that was fairly unpopular to many), there have been rumblings of “spin-off.” Nevin’s confirmed that it’s something that is being discussed.

Dexter is Heading to Netflix in Two Chunks: Binge-Watch the First, Avoid the Rest

For better or for worse, Netflix and CBS worked out a deal to bring all eight seasons of Showtime’s Dexter to Netflix.

Beginning on Halloween (Oct 31, 2013), the first four seasons of the award-winning series will be available to watch instantly; seasons 5-8 will begin on Jan 1, 2014.

Starring Golden Globe winning actor Michael C. Hall, Dexter tells the story of Dexter Morgan, America’s favorite serial killer. As a Miami forensics expert, he spends his days solving crimes, and nights committing them. But Dexter lives by a strict code of honor that is both his saving grace and lifelong burden.

Original Dexter Showrunner Explains the Finale He Had In Mind

Dexter came to an end on Showtime last night and everyone has something to say about the series finale.  

In my opinion, as a longtime Dexter viewer from the beginning, I thought it was garbage.  Inconsistent, sloppy and silly, the show went out with a whimper instead of the bang it deserved.  

Characters were unceremoniously sent off without a proper farewell…and that Masuka/daughter thing?  What the hell was that and where did it lead?  Nowhere.

E! spoke with Clyde Philips, showrunner on the series.  His term took him through to the end of the Trinity killer storyline which is, arguably, the last “good” season of Dexter.