Fox to Revise Sarah Connor Scenes

Scenes of campus violence in Fox’s upcoming “The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” based on the “Terminator” movies, were filmed before the Virginia Tech shootings and will be revised.

The series, scheduled for midseason, follows Connor (Lena Headey) as she tries to safeguard her 15-year-old son, John (Thomas Dekker), who may be destined to save mankind from technology gone amok.

Even before a gunman killed 32 people and himself at Virginia Tech in April, executive producer Josh Friedman carefully explained his reasons for the segment in which John comes under attack at high school, Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Liguori said.

Friedman painted it as central to the show’s theme, he said.

“This woman is charged with protecting and preparing her son to be the future leader of the resistance. The one single place a parent has to give up control of their child is school,” Liguori said.

Friedman was the first to acknowledge the scene should be revamped after the Virginia tragedy, Liguori said. He didn’t detail how extensively it would be changed.


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