The Anarchists on HBO Max

How to Watch The Anarchists on HBO Max

Explore the history behind Anarchapulco in the new docuseries The Anarchists. What started as a one-time gathering in Mexico turned into an annual event that continues to grow every year. Learn about the people behind it, the series of bizarre events surrounding it, and how it affects society today. If you’re wondering how to watch The Anarchists on HBO Max, here are some methods to do so.

Where to Watch The Anarchists

Good news! You and your family can not only enjoy The Anarchists but everything HBO Max has to offer. HBO Max makes it easy to pick a plan that fits your needs; starting at $9.99 a month or $15.99 a month ad-free. Or, save up to 20% more with an annual plan of $99.99 or $149.99 ad-free. With HBO Max, you can enjoy must-see original TV shows, hit movies, and more all from your streaming device.

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How Many Episodes Are in The Anarchists?

The Anarchists on HBO Max

There are six episodes in The Anarchists. Each episode lasts 55 minutes on average. You can check the complete list of The Anarchists episodes and their scheduled date release here below.

  1. “The Movement”: July 10, 2022
  2. “Forking Freedom”: July 17, 2022
  3. “Currency”: July 24, 2022
  4. “Living Without the Law”: July 31, 2022
  5. “Damage”: August 7, 2022
  6. “Leaving”: August 14, 2022

What Are the Critics Saying About The Anarchists?

The Anarchists received a 57% from critics and a 25% from audience viewers. Many reviews were disappointed with the series, finding that it was more of a giant advertisement for the event than an objective documentary about it. Unless you’re very interested in the topics presented, viewers say to give this a pass.

The Anarchists suffers and drudges its way through a story that fares better as a news story than a six-part docuseries.” – Michael Frank, The Spool

“Untangling and organizing these narratives requires a certain amount of discipline. But Schramke’s ability to wrangle all of these narratives into a coherent form proves to be sporadic and limited at best.” – Melanie McFarland,

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Is The Anarchists Suitable for Kids?

The Anarchists is rated TV-MA, which is suitable for viewers ages 17+. The series may contain real-world topics, themes, and frightening or intense scenes not suitable for younger audiences.


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