American Bolshevik Release Date Revealed for Award-Winning Documentary

ComingSoon is exclusively revealing the American Bolshevik release date for the upcoming documentary about coyotes and coexisting with them in North America. The documentary will be available for purchase on all major streaming platforms on March 1.

American Bolshevik tells the story of the coyote’s expansion into New England long after the slaughter of the native wolf species, and the attempts of modern day New Englanders to adjust to their new neighbors,” reads the documentary’s synopsis. “The film follows a century of abuse, attempts to malign the coyote as a useless vermin and dangerous predator, and decade after decade of escalating attempts to eradicate the species.”

“Over the past several decades, coyotes have expanded their range to every part of the United States,” explained director Julie Marron. “What has driven that expansion? What does it mean for our relationship with this animal? Can we learn to coexist with them in these new habitats? We made this film to answer these questions, and to provide a foundation for coexistence with these intelligent and adaptable creatures.”

American Bolshevik will release in the United States, Canada, and select international countries on March 1.


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