The Queen's Gambit on Netflix

How to Watch The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix

As a child, orphan Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) discovered her love for chess. Based on the novel of the same name, The Queen’s Gambit follows her rise to fame through chess mastery in 1960s America. But, will her success come at a price? If you’re wondering how to watch The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, here are some methods to do so.

Where to Watch The Queen’s Gambit

Good news! You and your family can enjoy not only The Queen’s Gambit but everything Netflix has to offer. With Netflix, there are no extra costs and no contracts. Watch from your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, laptop, or streaming device. Plans range from $6.99 to $19.99 a month, making it easy to pick an option that gives you access to hit TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. 

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How Many Episodes Are in The Queen’s Gambit?

The Queen's Gambit on Netflix

There are seven episodes in The Queen’s Gambit. Each episode lasts 50-60 minutes on average. You can check the complete list of The Queen’s Gambit episodes and their scheduled date release here below.

  1. “Openings”: October 23, 2020
  2. “Exchanges”: October 23, 2020
  3. “Doubled Pawns”: October 23, 2020
  4. “Middle Game”: October 23, 2020
  5. “Fork”: October 23, 2020
  6. “Adjournment”: October 23, 2020
  7. “End Game”: October 23, 2020

What Are the Critics Saying About The Queen’s Gambit?

The Queen’s Gambit received a 96% from critics and a 94% from audience viewers. While some viewers disliked the slow start to the series, most enjoyed the buildup of drama. Audiences also loved the strong performances by the cast, the interwoven chess plays, and the intriguing storyline.

“When you start dreaming about chess after watching a single episode, you’ll know you’re hooked.” – Sarah Ward, Concrete Playground

“While the chess matches themselves were exhilarating to witness — yes, they really were — it was the relationships Beth forms throughout the series that truly gave this stunning period piece unexpected soul.” – Emily Tannenbaum, Glamour

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Is The Queen’s Gambit Suitable for Kids?

The Queen’s Gambit is rated TV-MA, which is suitable for viewers ages 17+. The series contains moderate depictions of profanity, alcohol, and drugs. It also contains mild depictions of sex and nudity.


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