Clark on Netflix

How to Watch Clark on Netflix

Ever wonder where the term “Stockholm Syndrome” came from? Clark follows the story of notorious Swedish gangster Clark Olofsson, and how he became one of the most infamous criminals in history. If you’re wondering how to watch Clark on Netflix, here are some methods to do so.

Where to Watch Clark

Good news! You and your family can enjoy not only Clark but everything Netflix has to offer. With Netflix, there are no extra costs and no contracts. Watch from your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, laptop, or streaming device. Plans range from $6.99 to $19.99 a month, making it easy to pick an option that gives you access to hit TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. 

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How Many Episodes Are in Clark?

Clark on Netflix

There are six episodes in Clark. Each episode lasts 60 minutes on average. You can check the complete list of Clark episodes and their scheduled date release here below.

  1. “Being the Best at Being the Best Was Not My Thing, So I Decided to Be the Best at Being the Worst”: May 5, 2022
  2. “I Automatically Do Everything Opposite the Rest of the World”: May 5, 2022
  3. “They See Me as a Mix of Pippi Longstocking and Al Capone”: May 5, 2022
  4. “Let the Party Begin”: May 5, 2022
  5. “Why Would I Have a Job? I Don’t Have Time for S**t Like That and You’ll Miss Out on All the Fun Stuff”: May 5, 2022
  6. “I’ve Read Every Book Ever Written, and a Few More”: May 5, 2022

What Are the Critics Saying About Clark?

Clark received an 82% from critics and an 84% from audience viewers. Reviews are mostly positive, with audiences stating they were easily hooked on the series from the first episode. They praised the larger-than-life moments intermixed with true storytelling for an overall enjoyable experience.

“Bill Skarsgård gives a career-best performance as career criminal Clark Olofsson.” – Keith Watson,

Clark is a lot. It’s a blast and a half, insanely hilarious, and at times a chaotic fever dream of a biopic that always zigs when you expect it to zag.” – Kate Sanchez, But Why Tho?

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Is Clark Suitable for Kids?

Clark is rated TV-MA, which is suitable for viewers ages 17+. The series contains severe depictions of sex, nudity, alcohol, and drugs. It also contains moderate depictions of violence, gore, and profanity as well as mild depictions of frightening or intense scenes.

How Can I Watch Clark in Its Original Language?

Clark is originally in Swedish. In order to watch Clark in its original language, set language settings to Swedish with English subtitles from the menu options of your streaming device.


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