Calls on Apple TV+

How to Watch Calls on Apple TV+

Calls on Apple TV+ is a uniquely crafted thriller with barely any “visuals.” All you get to hear are phone calls of people talking to each other. Each episode is an act in itself that lets you become a passive member of the story and offers a peek into the lives of a group of strangers. Featuring voices of Nick Jonas, Lily Collins, Aubrey Plaza, and others, the series counts on the viewer’s imagination to escalate or diminish the terror of what they are listening to — a technique that is sure to leave an impression.

Where to Watch Calls

Good news! There are a few ways you and your family can not only enjoy Calls but everything Apple TV+ has to offer. Apple TV+ offers a free 7-day trial as well as a one-month free trial as part of a bundled package if you purchase Apple One. Already have an Apple device? That includes a free three-month subscription to Apple TV+ if redeemed within 90 days.

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How Many Episodes Are in Calls?

Calls on Apple TV+

There are nine episodes in Calls. The runtime of episodes ranges between 13-20 mins. You can check the complete list of Calls episodes and their release date below.

  1. The End“: March 19, 2021
  2. The Beginning“: March 19, 2021
  3. Pedro Across the Street“: March 19, 2021
  4. It’s All in Your Head“: March 19, 2021
  5. Me, Myself, and Darlene“: March 19, 2021
  6. The Universe Did It“: March 19, 2021
  7. Mom“: March 19, 2021
  8. Is There a Scientist on the Plane?“: March 19, 2021
  9. Leap Year Girl“: March 19, 2021

What Are the Critics Saying about Calls?

With a 95% rating from critics and an audience approval rating of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, Calls is a universal hit among viewers. What works for the series is the fresh and inventive approach it takes to predominantly sound-heavy storytelling.

Linda Holmes from NPR writes, “While the audio is the focus of the production, what’s intriguing about this otherwise good-but-not-great story is that it has some of the charm and simplicity of audio-only storytelling, with some of the advantages of visual cues.”

Alexandra Heller-Nicholas from ABC Radio (Australia) says, “Based on the French series of the same name, the star-studded sci-fi thriller series Calls is genuinely exciting television.”

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Is Calls Suitable for Kids?

Profanity and violence have landed Calls a TV-MA rating. The content of the series is suitable for mature adults only.


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