Peacock YA Animated Series Supernatural Academy Gets Release Date

Peacock YA Animated Series Supernatural Academy Gets Release Date

A new animated young adult fantasy series, Supernatural Academy, will be coming to Peacock next month, the streaming company announced on Friday.

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The series — which was given a full-season order from Peacock — is an adaptation of the best-selling book series The Supernatural Academy from Jaymin Eve. Supernatural Academy will premiere on Peacock on Thursday, January 20, 2022.

The series will focus on the adventures of two sisters who are marked at birth. One is raised in the supernatural world and becomes incredibly popular and confident, while the other is raised in the human world, and is more of an outsider.

The cast and characters for the upcoming series include:

  • Larissa Dias as Jessa Lebron, a popular Wolf Shifter in her junior year at the Supernatural Academy.
  • Gigi Saul Guerro as Mischa Jackson/Lebron, the sister to Jessa and an outsider who doesn’t realize who she truly is yet.
  • Vincent Tong as Maximus, a natural leader and protector of his younger brother, Braxton.
  • Cardi Wong as Braxton, Maximus’ younger brother and a smooth-talking goofball.
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Elda Kristov, the daughter of the Headmaster of the Supernatural Academy, and rival to Jessa.
  • Bethany Brown as Terra, Jessa’s lifelong best friend, and a sorceress.
  • Brian Drummond as Headmaster Kristov, the leader of the Supernatural Academy and a self-righteous man who plots against the Lebron twins.
  • Barbara Kottmeier as Lienda Jackson/Lebron, the mother of the Lebron twins and a strong woman who has sacrificed her supernatural ability in order to protect her family.
  • Alessandro Juliana as Jonathan Lebron, the head of the World Council and Alpha Wolf of the Lebron pack, as well as Jessa and Mischa’s father.
  • Ali J Eisner as Jae, a faerie whose music can charm anyone and create new life.
  • Diana Kaarina as Santra, the new history teacher at Supernatural Academy and an intelligent, compassionate guide.
  • Kathleen Barr as Yufon, a powerful and stern member of the World Council.

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Supernatural Academy is directed by Steve Ball, with Allen Bohbot attached as executive producer of the television series. “It is so incredible to see my original story come to life in this high-quality animation project,” said Jaymin Eve, author of the best-selling series The Supernatural Academy. “I am so grateful to both Peacock and 41 Entertainment for believing in me and I am sure that all of the fans of the books are anxiously marking January 20th on their diaries.”


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