Disney+ Shifts Scheduling to Wednesday Releases Going Forward

Disney+ has usually released many of its original series on Fridays, but that won’t be the case anymore. According to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is preparing to shift its premiere day for original content to Wednesdays. 

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The move comes as a result of Loki’s incredibly great start, in which it quickly became the most-watched premiere for the platform. Loki was initially slated to premiere on Friday, June 11, but was pushed up to Wednesday, June 9, and will release every Wednesday going forward. According to the report, Disney+’s switch to Wednesday releases will begin in July and affect all of their global original series.

Alongside the popularity of Loki, the report also cites that Disney would like to have its programming not competing with each other. For this reason, the Wednesday schedule will be strictly for original series, including the animated Monsters at Work, The Mandalorian, and other Star Wars and Marvel TV series. Movies that premiere on the platform will continue to release on Fridays, allowing the content to not have to compete with one another for viewership.

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With Disney+ receiving even more shows and original content in the future, it makes sense that the company would begin to try and space out releases. Recently, the company forecast its spending on original film and TV series for Disney+ to eclipse the $8 billion mark in fiscal 2024. With the extreme popularity of its Star Wars and Marvel series, as well as future animated programming on the horizon, Disney looks primed to have great offerings air all throughout the week.