James Gunn Saving A Character for Potential Peacemaker Season 2


John Cena Peacemaker Episode 1

James Gunn has dropped a hint on Twitter that not only is he planning for the second season of his Suicide Squad spinoff Peacemaker, but that he’s saving at least one character for the second set of episodes. Although he provides no further details on who it may be, there are plenty of DC characters that have interacted with Peacemaker since his 1966 debut.

However, this isn’t a confirmation of a second season. “Just because I have characters in mind for Season 2 doesn’t mean either HBO Max or John & I have committed to it yet,” clarified Gunn in a subsequent tweet.

The Suicide Squad, an alternate take on DC’s group of bad guys doing good to avoid having their heads blown off, premieres this August in theaters and on HBO Max. Early trailers for the movie have showcased a host of unique, likable characters, but many agree that the highlight is John Cena’s Peacemaker. Gunn seems to agree as well because he’s hard at work on a TV show based around the character.

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Peacemaker will be a prequel to the Suicide Squad film that showcases the origins of John Cena’s misguided do-gooder character. James Gunn wrote all eight episodes of the show in the time between work on Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and it seems that he has ideas beyond what he already wrote onto the script.

The show is scheduled to wrap production next month and premiere on HBO Max in January 2022. Despite not having a second season secured, HBO Max ordered the first season without a pilot and seems incredibly excited to be working with the Guardians of the Galaxy director. Because of that, unless Gunn’s Suicide Squad tanks this August, a second season and the debut of James Gunn’s mystery character seems like a sure bet.