Roads to Freedom: Ridley Scott & Steven Knight Teaming Up For WWII Drama Series

Roads to Freedom: Ridley Scott & Steven Knight teaming up for WWII drama series

Coming off from the critical success of HBO Max’s Raised by Wolves Season 1, Oscar-nominated director Ridley Scott continues to pile up his growing list of upcoming projects as he officially signs on to a new epic drama series. According to Deadline, Scott has partnered up with Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight to develop the series adaptation of Sir Antony Beevor’s best-selling World War II books which have sold more than 8 million copies worldwide.

The project titled Roads to Freedom is being described as a 10-episode series that will be told through multiple international perspectives. It currently has no financer or distributor attached to it but it has already garnered a handful of international suitors.

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Roads to Freedom intends to tell the World War II story using fresh and unique perspectives. It will reportedly portray the brutal realities from multiple viewpoints, with characters not only from the U.S. and UK but also from Russia, Germany, France, and other countries across the globe. That includes women, and children struggling to survive. The emphasis is on humanity, the characters bound together by one dramatic story.

Some of the storylines are expected to be discomforting, but heroic, and the race between East and West to capture Berlin will shed light on what became the foundations of the Cold War.

Despite currently having a number of projects in development and in production, this series is a major priority for Scott due to his personal connection with the subject as he would most likely recount personal recollections of his childhood in wartime Britain and his journey to post-war Germany, where his father played a crucial role in rebuilding the country.

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Roads to Freedom will be executive produced by Ridley Scott, Steven Knight, and Sir Antony Beevor. Scott will direct the first episode while Knight and Beevor will co-write all the episodes.

The project was originally developed by executive producers PJ van Sandwijk and Michael Lesslie through Storyteller Productions. Scott Free’s David W. Zucker and Marina Brackenbury are also serving as executive producers.

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