WandaVision Episode 7: Clues, Predictions & Takeaways


WandaVision Episode 7: Clues, Predictions & Takeaways

WandaVision Episode 7: Clues, Predictions & Takeaways

Following last week’s revelation of the titular heroine’s growing control over the mysterious situation, Disney+’s first Marvel Cinematic Universe series WandaVision has returned for its latest episode diving a little deeper into the audience’s questions and theories.

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Clues: The Fourth Wall Isn’t the Only Thing Breaking, Hayward’s Motives Revealed and Something’s Wrong With Agnes

  • As the latest episode shifts to a more modern sitcom format akin to Modern Family, Wanda acknowledges in a confessional that she’s losing her grip on control and expanded the force field to save her husband, while the twins struggle to play video games as the controllers continually reverse in time while Monica’s milk for her cereal does the same.
  • At the new S.W.O.R.D. base camp located eight miles out of Westview and within a mile of the Hex, Director Tyler Hayward learns that the WandaVision signal is no longer broadcasting and says to launch whatever plan he has cooking.
  • Vision wakes up in the middle of the field where the Hex expanded and revived him to find a circus nearby full of performers that were part of the original S.W.O.R.D. base including Darcy, who believes herself to be an escape artist.
  • With Wanda having a tough day and electing to take a quarantine staycation, Agnes offers to take the twins off her hands to her house and while spending time with the kids, to which she says to the interviewer she doesn’t know how to tell them their mother is crazy, Billy mentions her mind is very quiet, to which Agnes displays a mildly concerned face.
  • While driving to meet up with Monica’s connect, Jimmy receives the data Darcy was able to hack before being sucked into The Hex, namely the R&D file on a Project Cataract, which was ordered by Hayward to bring Vision back online for use as a weapon for S.W.O.R.D.
  • The two arrive in a field where a small Air Force team led by a Major Goodner, who had a close connection with Maria in the past and has delivered a space rover made up on Monica’s specs to get back into The Hex.
  • A commercial interrupts the program for an antidepressant named Nexus that offers customers the opportunity to change the world around them to help their mood but also threatens to cause a greater feeling of depression in the user.
  • Meanwhile, after failing to have a normal conversation with Darcy, Vision uses his powers to bring her consciousness back and the two steal a truck from the circus grounds to head back to Wanda and Vision’s home to try and get some answers as to what is happening. With Wanda seemingly impeding their journey with red lights, random pedestrian crossings and road work, Darcy uses the time to inform him of his past he can’t remember, including his death at the hands of Wanda and his creation at the hands of Ultron. Growing tired of the obstacles, Vision decides to fly off to his house, leaving Darcy behind to meet up with him later.
  • After suiting up in a space suit, Monica attempts to head back into the Hex in the rover, but the force field combats against it and begins matching its density and rewriting it for its reality, with Monica narrowly getting out of the vehicle in time before it’s spit out half changed. Before Jimmy and the rest of the group can react, Monica elects to force through the Hex, hearing various voices regarding her mother and her past as she nearly comes apart but her evolution takes the next step as her eyes glow and she sees Westview with an ethereal vision before heading off to talk to Wanda. Upon her arrival, Wanda gets angry and uses her powers to lift her out of the house, but as she is thrown to the ground she is able to use her new powers to safely land and continues to try talking Wanda down and warn her of Hayward’s shady motives, but before she can convince her Agnes interrupts and leads Wanda to her house.
  • As Agnes sits Wanda down in her home and offers to make her a cup of tea, the heroine notices the two plates with half-eaten sandwiches, two glasses and a kids’ show on the television and inquires where the twins are, to which Agnes responds they’re playing in the basement. Upon going down to look for them, she finds a mysterious room with tree roots growing on the walls and various mystical items around including an ominously glowing red book until Agnes comes into the room and reveals she is Agatha Harkness and has been manipulating Wanda’s actions throughout the series.
  • The credits for the episode are broken up by Monica investigating the exterior of Agatha’s house and opening the basement doors to find the roots emanating with her purple energy, only to be surprised by Evan Peters’ Quicksilver and subsequently her eyes glow with the purple hew indicative of Agatha’s mind control.

Takeaways: Monica’s Got Powers, Vision Has an Ally and A Villain Has Been Revealed

So I know pieces like this don’t generally have first-person statements, but my excitement is driving me to revel in the fact that one of my predictions has come true with the official arrival of iconic witch Agatha Harkness, something that initially seemed like a potential deep cut for the series to pull until further clues offered all signs pointing towards her reveal. Aside from the villainous unveiling, this episode held plenty of major takeaways for both the remaining episodes and future MCU, namely in the fact that Monica has finally received her powers and is on the path to be in line with her comic book counterpart, who was the second character to operate under the moniker Captain Marvel. The mid-credits stinger has also confirmed that Evan Peters’ “Pietro” is working with Agatha, though it’s currently unclear if it’s by his own volition or if Agatha has a hold on him too.

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WandaVision Episode 7: Clues, Predictions & Takeaways

Predictions: The Fantastic Identity of Monica’s Engineer, Vision Will Sacrifice Himself Again and Mephisto’s Still Around the Corner

  • With actress Teyonah Parris expressing a lot of excitement of late over the reveal of the aerospace engineer Monica references in Episode 5, it seems highly unlikely that Rachael Thompson’s Major Goodner is whom she was referring to and with two episodes left in the series, chances are still possible for the introduction of Fantastic Four leader Reed Richards or even possibly fellow team member Ben Grimm, as the latter had earned multiple degrees in engineering in the comic stories written prior to the ’70s. While such a scientific problem would certainly fit Richards’ curiosity far better, Rambeau’s debut in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual No. 16 saw Grimm form a connection with her as she learns about the past of the Captain Marvel moniker and her future using it to fight crime.
  • While the majority of the series’ faux ad breaks have featured projects seemingly tied to Wanda’s subconscious and past trauma, this week’s saw the interesting arrival of the term “Nexus” to the MCU, something of which in the comics can refer to both individual beings and a specific location. The location is known as the Nexus of All Realities and is a cross-dimensional gateway providing a path to any and all possible realities, including realities between realities, while the Nexus Beings are those with the ability to affect probability and the future and alter the flow of the Universal Time Stream and act as the keystones of the multiverse and are crucial to its coherence and stability. Not only do all of these factors tie into the reality-shattering world of WandaVision, it also fits well with the series’ direct lead-in to the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, plus the fact that in the comics both the Scarlet Witch and Vision were at some point Nexus Beings. Additionally, one of these beings was none other than Kang the Conqueror, who will be making his MCU and film debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania portrayed by Jonathan Majors.
  • Another point frequently visited in past episodes becoming ever more clear as tidbits are continually dropped is that all signs are pointing towards Hayward being up to no good, with the latest revelation being that Vision’s body residing at S.W.O.R.D. headquarters was no coincidence as he was working to find a way to revive the superhero to act as a sentient weapon, though whether it’s for the organization or the final threads of HYDRA is yet to be seen.
  • Given Vision really doesn’t know his place in the world anymore as his memory has been wiped and his seeming inability to escape the Hex, it’s not looking likely he will make it past the series finale and he will probably sacrifice himself once again to save the love of his life and the world, only inciting Wanda’s heartbreak further that will reportedly be a major factor for the plot of Multiverse of Madness.
  • Though Agatha’s introduction near the end of the series may seem indicative that she’s the main antagonist of the story, there were still plenty of clues indicating the impending arrival of iconic villain Mephisto, namely the ominous book sitting in Agatha’s basement. Glowing a particular shade of orange-red, different from Wanda’s red power glow, the book could just as easily be a generic spellbook for Agatha but given the witch’s comic past in working with the devil and his return to the world by reabsorbing the soul fragments Scarlet Witch unknowingly used to birth her and Vision’s twins, it seems like a solid hint towards Kathryn Hahn’s iteration possibly working to bring him back by capitalizing on Wanda’s heartbreak and possibly unknown connection to the Nexus gateway.