WandaVision Episode 6: Clues, Predictions & Takeaways


WandaVision Episode 6: Clues, Predictions & Takeaways

WandaVision Episode 6: Clues, predictions & takeaways

After dropping a groundbreaking arrival at the end of last week’s episode, Disney+’s first Marvel Cinematic Universe series WandaVision is back with its sixth episode and things are only starting to become more intense for the titular heroic couple.

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Clues: Secretive Hayward, Extent of Wanda’s Control & The Twins Get Powers

  • Right out the gate audiences can breathe a sigh of relief as the ’90s-sitcom-styled credits confirm that Evan Peters’ iteration of Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, is now a main member of the cast, to which Wanda admits confusion over the change in his appearance and frequently tests him though is unable to explain the reasoning behind it.
  • As a nice little nod to their source material, Wanda and Vision celebrate the Halloween season by dressing up in their comics-accurate outfits.
  • While the titular duo are trying to enjoy the spooky holiday, S.W.O.R.D. Director Tyler Hayward continues to break down and show frustration with the situation, namely Monica Rambeau’s approach to siding with “super-powered individuals” and referencing her past with Captain Marvel. Hayward’s plan on killing Wanda to stop the situation seems far more indicative of a darker motivation.
  • As Wanda learns from Herb that Vision is not on neighborhood watch duty for the night, we see he is exploring the outer neighborhoods of town and discovering that activity is very low from those populating the area, with one couple acting on a loop of hanging a ghost decoration and setting a jack-o-lantern on their front porch, the woman shedding a tear as she keeps moving the hook back and forth on the ghost.
  • In the town square, Wanda, Pietro and the twins walk out from a movie and after having an initially typical sitcom conversation regarding the uncle’s influence on the kids, he shows a moment of self-awareness as he notes it’s exactly what Wanda wants from the alternate reality. Though she asks what happened to his accent, he quickly quips back asking what happened to hers and says the details on his revival are fuzzy, having only the memory of being gunned down in the street and then hearing Wanda’s voice, bringing him back.
  • The Maximoff twins’ serious conversation is interrupted as the younger twins learn of larger candy located in a certain neighborhood, but before Wanda can respond to their request to go, Tommy speeds off and speeds back with candy in hand, revealing he has the same super-speed as his uncle.
  • After being kicked out of the base and neutralizing their escorts, Jimmy Woo, Monica and Darcy Lewis sneak back in and hack into the server room to figure out what Hayward is up to and discover he has found a way to track Vision in The Hex by tracking his adamantium shell.
  • We find Vision exploring ever more of the outskirts of town where groups of people are not moving whatsoever and electricity is barely keeping on and after flying into the sky and seeing it’s the same throughout, he notices a car on the horizon stopped. He flies down and finds Agnes in the driver’s seat, distractedly claiming to have taken a wrong turn on the way to the town square, to which Vision questions such as she’s supposed to have lived in Westview her whole life. Using his powers, he drops the veil and gets a brief conversation with her real persona, who notes Vision’s Avengers status and asks if he’s there to help, and while he says he wants to help he asks what an Avenger is, to which she recoils in fear thinking she’s dead and telling him he is. As she starts to break down from the fact that Wanda won’t even let people think about leaving town, let alone actually doing it, Vision returns her to her prior state and promises to fix things.
  • While Darcy continues to try and hack into more of Hayward’s files, including a mysterious one entitled “Cataract,” Darcy notes to Monica that her cells are continuing to evolve following her time in The Hex and warns that she doesn’t think she should go back in. Choosing to ignore her concerns, Monica and Jimmy head out to meet up with her contact, an unknown aerospace engineer previously mentioned in Episode 5.
  • Electing to go past the street Wanda keeps warning the kids not to go past, Vision finds an edge of The Hex’s force field and decides to try and travel through it. While soldiers approach him on the other side of the field, he is fighting a magnetic pull from the Hex’s force field slowly tearing him apart.
  • Back in the town square, Billy suddenly can hear his father’s pleas for help and telepathically stops his brother’s fast running, displaying powers similar to his mother, but before they can really celebrate it, Wanda presses him to determine where Vision is so she can help him. Determining he is outside of The Hex, she suddenly emits a large power throughout the square and outside we see The Hex is moving and expanding to bring Vision back inside for his safety. However Darcy, who stayed behind and was handcuffed to a S.W.O.R.D. vehicle after trying to help Vision get back in The Hex, is engulfed by it along with various other agents and vehicles, though unlike the agents turned into clowns and various circus performers, we don’t see what’s become of her. Monica and Jimmy, who were already driving away to meet her contact, are one of the only not engulfed alongside another vehicle with Hayward and a few other agents inside.

Takeaways: Hayward’s Up to No Good, Darcy’s in The Hex and Wanda’s Losing It

While the last two episodes may have delivered a plethora of answers to viewers’ questions and also fueled fans’ theories even further, this week’s episode certainly goes back to the sitcom hijinks of the first three episodes, though it wasn’t without a few key revelations for its story. First and foremost, the writing’s been on the wall since his name was said and now it seems clear that Hayward is an antagonist of sorts for the heroes of the series as his approach to killing Wanda and not worrying about the consequences of his actions feels very villainous and reminiscent of X-Men antagonist William Stryker. Secondly, the twins now have their powers and are quickly on their way to becoming their comic book personas Speed and Wiccan. Another thing learned is the extent of Wanda’s control over those in The Hex, relegated to a few-mile radius around the center of town where her and her family live. Lastly, and certainly frighteningly, we see her ability to move and expand The Hex, saving Vision whose survival seems locked to the alternate reality but also engulfing various agents and Darcy, whose status is now left unknown until (hopefully) the next episode.

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Predictions: Monica’s Got a Fantastic Contact, Wanda & Vision Battle and Pietro Dies…Again

  • The fifth episode saw Monica briefly mention an aerospace engineer who would have a field day with the ongoing situation and while it seemed like a tease for an introduction in a later project, her and Jimmy setting off to meet her “guy” is priming viewers for their identity reveal even sooner and while there’s plenty with this expertise in the Marvel comics world, there is one who is currently in the works to make their MCU debut: Reed Richards. Kevin Feige announced at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con that a new Fantastic Four film was in the works and December’s Disney Investor Day saw the announcement that current Spider-Man helmer Jon Watts had been tapped to direct the project, and with Marvel being no stranger to introducing heroes or characters as supporting ones in other films, including Tom Holland’s webslinger in Captain America: Civil War, there’s a strong chance that the de facto team leader makes his debut in the series. Additionally, the first conversation between Hayward and Monica made reference to the fact that half of S.W.O.R.D.’s astronaut personnel program vanished following The Blip, possibly alluding to their whereabouts in the MCU.
  • While Wanda might have saved Vision at the end of the episode and the two do have a strong love for one another, her grip on reality and ever-growing desire to control the alternate reality is clearly creating such a large void between the two that unless the previously-predicted Mephisto finally reveals his presence, he will have to fight his wife in order to save the rest of the world akin to Wolverine having to put down Dark Phoenix.
  • Fans might be overjoyed by the return of Evan Peters’ iteration of Quicksilver in the series, especially given the Fox’s X-Men franchise having come to a close, but they should begin bracing themself for the sad reality that he’s probably not going to have much life after its end. Even if the dropping of The Hex doesn’t outright kill Quicksilver, the fact that Aaron Taylor-Johnson reportedly still has a contract with Marvel to reprise the role in future projects gives more weight to the possibility that the multiverse madness coming in the Doctor Strange sequel will bring him back to thee role in some capacity.