The Gifted Season 2 Episode 3 Recap


The Gifted Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Secrets and hidden agendas are pulling families apart on The Gifted. In last week’s episode, the Struckers’ estrangement continued to grow as Reed’s destructive powers manifested at moments of great stress. Eclipse was still desperate to find Polaris and their child, before lighting up the sky with his powers. Polaris saw the display, but she panicked when her daughter, Dawn, became deathly ill. In The Gifted season 2 episode 3, the Inner Circle quickly realized that they would need to reunite Polaris and Eclipse to save their baby.

Family Reunion

In a flashback, Eclipse visited his dying father and tried to win his love and acceptance. However, his father rejected Eclipse for his mutant powers and took nothing from him. In the present, Eclipse was summoned by the Frost sisters, and forced to wear a hood while he was taken to meet his child. Eclipse and Polaris’ reunion was awkward, but he learned that Dawn suffered from a form of jaundice that only his light could cure. That theory turned out to be true, as Eclipse held his daughter for the first time and cured her.

Eclipse’s efforts to get Polaris to return with him fell on deaf ears. Even his willingness to stay with the Inner Circle was rejected over their differing approaches to mutant supremacy. The Frost sisters attempted to force Eclipse to leave with their mind control powers, but he fought them off. However, he couldn’t withstand Reeva’s ability, which caused his powers to turn on his own body and render him unconscious.

Bad Timing

Back in Baltimore, Reed and Caitlin Strucker tried to keep avoiding their problems by avoiding each other. However, Caitlin encouraged Reed to take their daughter, Lauren, with him on a mission. But during a tense phone call with Caitlin, Reed’s power manifested in the car and destroyed the steering wheel. Reed and Lauren survived the resulting crash, and they were forced to flee the car with their medical supplies.

While on the run, Lauren attempted to get her father to tell Caitlin about his emerging powers. He wanted to keep them a secret, but Lauren noted that their secrets were driving them apart.

The Real Underground

Thunderbird and Blink went into the sewers to find Erg, the leader of the Morlocks. But it took them a while to make it through the illusions which were designed to keep outsiders away. They were surrounded by Morlocks with guns who took them to Erg. Because Blink’s mutation was physically apparent, Erg felt a kinship with her and wanted to speak with her alone. He told her that the Morlocks were the real underground, and that he wanted more than the tolerance that the X-Men fought for.

Ultimately, Erg agreed to provide information about the Inner Circle in exchange for Blink acting as his spy on the surface.

Time To Go Home

Despite telling his wife that he was ready to move on from hunting mutants. Jace approached the police in Washington D.C. with his intel about the Underground. He was also present when word arrived about Reed and Lauren’s car accident. Jace managed to track down the Struckers before they ultimately made their escape. When he tried to further insert himself in the hunt for the Struckers, the police rejected his aid and told him to go home.

Back at their makeshift home, Lauren watched her parents reconcile as Reed told Caitlin about his powers. Eclipse also returned from his trip eager to hit back at the Inner Circle despite his injuries. The Frost sisters questioned the wisdom of leaving Eclipse alive, but Reeva indicated that their revolution was far bigger than one man.

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