The Gifted Season 2 Episode 2 Recap


The Gifted Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

During the season premiere of The Gifted, the story picked up six months after the incident in Atlanta with the Mutant Underground torn in half. The Frost sisters, Esme, Sophie, and Phoebe, recruited Andy Strucker, Lorna Dane/Polaris, and more into the Inner Circle. Marcos Diaz/Eclipse and Caitlin Strucker managed to get a lead on the Inner Circle from a mutant hacker. Meanwhile, Reeva Payge eliminated her competition and arranged for the birth of Polaris’ daughter, Dawn. In The Gifted season 2 episode 2, the fallout from that birth began to take shape.

Fighting Drunk

In a flashback, John Proudstar/Thunderbird was recruited by Evangeline Whedon to lead the Atlanta branch of the Mutant Underground. John didn’t want anything to do with the X-Men or their allies. However, Evangeline convinced him to join their cause and helped him detox. Evangeline was far less helpful in the present when John, Eclipse, and Caitlin visited her office in Philadelphia. She even blamed John for the Underground’s dramatic downturn in fortunes.

Unwilling to take no for an answer, John returned to Evangeline’s office. She eventually relented, and put him on the trail of Erg, a mutant who may be able to help him find the Inner Circle.

Loose Ends

Reeva decided that the Inner Circle needed to erase all evidence of Dawn’s birth, especially any living witnesses. Esme initially seemed taken aback by this, while her sisters, Sophie, and Phoebe, accused her of going soft. In response, Esme helped her sisters slaughter the man they paid off as they destroyed the facility that hosted Polaris’ childbirth. Former Sentinel Services agent, Jace Turner, still noted the flimsy cover story concocted to cover the power outage. Jace’s wife urged him to give up his anti-mutant agenda to focus on restarting their family. After being warned by a former colleague as well, Jace reconciled with his wife and threw out his mutant files.

Crossing Reeva

Andy and Lauren’s shared dream took a darker turn when she rejected their power and seemingly fell to her death. Andy was so shaken by the memory of his sister’s dream death that he couldn’t access his powers during training. Reeva became suspicious about Andy’s loyalty, and had him followed by Fade. Away from the Inner Circle, Andy tried to contact his sister, but he hung up when his father answered the phone.

Reeva was convinced that she would have to kill Andy rather than lose him to the Underground. But before she could unleash her power on him, Andy confessed his lingering contact with his mom. Reeva urged Andy to use his conflicted feelings to fuel his powers, and he took her advice before completing his training sequence.

Daddy Says Hello

Caitlin and Eclipse bonded over their missing loved ones while contemplating their next moves. Reed’s powers began to manifest in even more deadly forms as he combed through his father’s files for clues. Eclipse finally had a moment of inspiration, when he recalled one of his first dates with Polaris. He used his powers to light up the sky, and Polaris saw it from miles away. As Polaris told her daughter that daddy was saying hello, she noticed Dawn was burning up with a fever. Polaris then frantically called for help.

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