Insatiable Season 1 Episode 9 Recap


Insatiable Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Insatiable, Patty pushed Dixie off of a food truck. This ninth episode opened with a dream that Dixie died, but Patty didn’t really know what happened to Dixie after the ambulance took her away. Now it’s time to look back at Insatiable Season 1 episode 9!

Power in the Dark

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Patty was convinced her teratoma had made her push Dixie off the truck. Patty, Christian, Nonnie, and Dee performed a séance. The Ouija board called Patty a killer, referencing John’s death earlier in the season. When asked if they were talking to Patty’s twin, it said no. Patty and Christian concluded that it must be a demon.

Christian was obsessed with Patty’s demon. He wanted to harness the demon’s power so he and Patty could force it to do their bidding. After a quick Google search and getting a name from Angie for Patty’s twin (“Kitty”), Patty wrote the name down and ate it. That can’t be good for her digestive system. They seemed to be in control of the demon’s powers.

Vampire B**** Fight

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

The incident with Dixie and Patty went viral. With Armstrong providing spin, Patty turned it into a positive. She leaned into the popularity of it to help Wiener Taco, whose sales had suffered directly after the incident.

But when Dixie came back in a pink wheelchair and a neck brace, Patty instantly became the bad guy. She had to apologize to Dixie in front of the whole school in an anti-bullying assembly. Patty was convinced that Dixie was faking her injury (not a huge leap) and was upset that no one had ever apologized for bullying her. She tipped Dixie out of her wheelchair, hoping to prove that Dixie wasn’t really paralyzed. But with Dixie writhing on the floor, Patty made it look even worse for her.

“You Mean, Like the Movie?”

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Pastor Mike wanted Patty to receive an exorcism to get rid of the darkness he sensed inside her. Patty bought into the idea, especially after Dixie’s return.

Armstrong thought the exorcism was ridiculous but played along. He performed it when Father Schwartz couldn’t make it. Because of several coincidences, it seemed to be working. But when Father Schwartz did show up, he deduced quickly that Patty never had a demon. Her bad deeds and impulsiveness were her own doing.

In Denial

Armstrong tried to deal with the Barnard kiss by denying any feelings he may have had. Instead, he focused on his relationship with Coralee. First, he propositioned make-up sex. Then he tried counselling with Pastor Mike and his wife Gail. Finally, Coralee explained to Armstrong that she wanted to be a working mom and do it without his help. She wanted to be herself instead of what he made her to be.

At the end of the episode, Armstrong accepted his feelings for Barnard. He went to Barnard’s house, declared that he loved his wife, and kissed him.

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