The Boys Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The Boys Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episode of Amazon’s The Boys, Annie broke into Stormfront’s trailer, and Homelander and Stormfront started an affair. In The Boys Season 2 Episode 6, Annie’s lead brought The Boys to Sage Grove Center, and Homelander confronted Stormfront when she left the set during shooting.

Sage Grove Center

Annie got Frenchie to remove her tracking chip. She gave them a lead from Stormfront’s emails: Sage Grove Center. Frenchie, Kimiko, and M.M. broke into the psychiatric facility with Annie’s help and posed as nurses. However, a Supe nurse working there recognized Frenchie. He was Lamplighter, who had killed Mallory’s children. Lamplighter explained that Vought was trying to stabilize Compound V for use on adults. During their fracas, the Supe patients broke out of their cells.

Throughout the episode, we saw flashbacks of Mallory’s recruitment of Frenchie, whose real name was Serge. Three years later, he tailed Lamplighter to a movie premiere but left to save his friend, Jay, who had overdosed. Because he left, Frenchie was unable to stop Lamplighter from torching Mallory’s bed, where he hadn’t known her children were sleeping. Lamplighter was regretful and wanted Mallory to kill him, but now knowing the story, Frenchie urged Mallory to spare him.

Stand Your Ground

The Boys Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

One of the escaped Supes came across Butcher, Annie, and Hughie outside. He released a pulse that flipped the van, where Hughie was inside. Hughie was seriously wounded, and Annie and Butcher needed to get him to a hospital. Annie stopped a car, and the man inside pulled a gun on them when he saw Butcher’s gun. When placating him didn’t work, Annie used her powers against him and killed him.

They got Hughie to a hospital, and he was going to be all right. Butcher and Annie bonded over their love and fondness for Hughie, who they agreed was too good for them.

Twenty Minutes

Homelander urged Stormfront to come back to his trailer for a surprise. He had gotten her a bouquet of flowers. Stormfront told him that she’d be back in twenty minutes after a meeting at Vought Tower. Instead, she arrived at Sage Grove Center to the aftermath of the breakout. Because of that, she arrived back to set late. Homelander had set fire to his trailer when she hadn’t come back. He confronted her about knowing she wasn’t at Vought Tower.

Stormfront showed Homelander some photos of her. She was born in Germany in 1919. She was Frederick Vought’s first success with Compound V. The true mission of Vought was to breed an army of super-humans to further the goals of Nazism and white supremacy.


The Boys Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The Deep brought Maeve a camera from the crash site in the ocean. Elena found Maeve’s phone connected to it. There was a video of Homelander and Maeve abandoning the plane and its passengers. Maeve explained to Elena that she was going to use the video as leverage so that Homelander would leave them alone.

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