The Boys Season 2 Episode 5 Recap


The Boys Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The Boys Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of Amazon’s The Boys, Hughie, M.M., and Annie learned that Stormfront was Liberty, and Becca refused to leave with Butcher. In The Boys Season 2 Episode 5, Butcher headed to his aunt’s house after a phone call with Hughie, and the Seven filmed a movie.

Aunt Judy

Butcher answered a call from Hughie while at the drugstore after a brawl. He went to his Aunt Judy’s house where his dog, Terror, resided. M.M. and Hughie showed up to tell him about Stormfront. Butcher rebuffed them and tried to leave, but he noticed Black Noir on a neighboring rooftop. They called in a gas leak and set up booby traps around the house.

Judy told Hughie about Billy’s brother, Lenny, who Hughie resembled. When Black Noir infiltrated the house, Butcher threatened him with releasing photos of Becca and Homelander’s son to save Hughie. Black Noir received a call from Stan Edgar to speak to Butcher. Butcher promised not to release the photos, and Edgar called off Black Noir.

Dawn of the Seven

The Boys Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The Seven filmed their movie under Homelander’s supervision. Stormfront tried to get to Annie by speaking with her mother who showed up on set. She told Annie she knew she had leaked Compound V to the media, but Annie told her that she knew she was Liberty. Stormfront also got to Homelander by initiating rough, superhero sex with him.

A-Train tried to rewrite his farewell scene to leave it open-ended. However, when he talked about it with Ashley, she told him to either to do the scene as is or face breaching his contract. He did the scene, which was supposed to be opposite Homelander, but he filmed it with a stand-in.

Meanwhile, the Vought marketing team pitched an LGBTQ-champion storyline to Maeve and Elena. They wanted to change Elena’s style and ignore that Maeve is bisexual. Maeve told Elena that Homelander was messing with her, and she intended to take care of it.


The Boys Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Homelander committed a war crime on video. He showed up to a huge protest and imagined using his laser vision to annihilate the protestors when they chanted against him. Instead, he flew off.

The Deep married Cassandra to rehabilitate his image, and Katie Couric interviewed him. He was now a spokesperson for the Church of the Collective. Maeve visited him and offered to help him as a woman on his side.

“Be a Monster”

Frenchie tailed Kimiko around New York. She killed a group of Russian mobsters and headed to a church to meet Cherie. Frenchie learned that Kimiko was carrying out hits for the Albanians. Upset that she won’t teach him her sign language, he’d had enough with trying to help Kimiko.

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