Cursed Season 1 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap


Cursed Season 1 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

Cursed Season 1 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episodes of Netflix’s Cursed, Nimue learned she was Merlin’s daughter, Merlin threatened to reveal Uther’s illegitimacy, and the Weeping Monk attacked Arthur and Merlin on a supply run. In Cursed Season 1 Episode 7, Nimue, Kaze, and Morgana fled to haunted caves to escape the Red Paladins, and in Cursed Season 1 Episode 8, Nimue helped the Fey take back Gramaire.

The Caves

Nimue, Kaze, and Morgana couldn’t circle back with the Red Paladins on their tail. Morgana suggested a system of caves that she and Arthur used to play in as children. Kaze was against the idea. While in the caves, they argued, and Nimue felt compelled to throw her sword away. When Morgana left to retrieve it, Nimue told Kaze that Merlin was her father. Kaze suggested she keep it to herself, as the Fey distrusted Merlin.

While Morgana looked for the sword, Celia came to her. Morgana was initially relieved, but Celia admitted that she had indeed died in the abbey fire. Cailleach had sent her to urge Morgana to accept her fate. Morgana would have greater magic than Merlin and Nimue. Celia placed a spider on Morgana’s lips and told her to seek the dead man outside of the bell tower.

Oil and Fire

Cursed Season 1 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

The Weeping Monk had attacked Gawain’s party on the supply run. They retreated to a small wooden windmill. The Paladins started shooting fire arrows. To give the Fey with them time to escape, Arthur and Gawain would charge the Paladins. Before doing so, Arthur needed to know Gawain’s feelings for Nimue. Gawain insisted his affections for her were that of brother and sister.

With the sword back in Nimue’s hands, she sensed Arthur among fire, and she, Morgana, and Kaze left to help them. As Gawain and Arthur fought, Nimue used the sword’s magic to command the smoke around them to help them escape.

The Fey Queen

Cursed Season 1 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

With what Nimue had done to help the Fey escape and after a rousing speech, she became the Fey Queen. The Paladins were a day away from Nemos. Nimue wanted to take Gramaire back from the Paladins. They could rest there for a few days before they could escape with the help of a smuggler friend of Arthur’s. Nimue used herself as a distraction. She claimed the seat of power from Lord Ector, promising to give it back to him when the Fey left. However, she and Arthur argued. He was concerned about her, but Nimue felt that he didn’t believe that she could rule.

Unfortunately, the sword’s magic had weakened. She reunited with Pym, who had been with the Red Spear captured by the Paladins. Pym wanted her to save Dof, but Nimue couldn’t. The Red Spear, however, pledged allegiance to Nimue.

Gawain went out to find a group of missing Fey. The Weeping Monk had killed them, and a fight between them revealed that the Monk was also Fey. The Paladins took Gawain alive. However, the smuggler was dead.

Cumber the Ice King

Cursed Season 1 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

Merlin offered to Cumber the Ice King the Queen Mother’s midwife, who could attest to Uther’s illegitimacy. In return, Merlin wanted Cumber to protect Nimue. Cumber agreed, not knowing their relation or that Nimue was now the Fey Queen. The people believed the midwife but wanted the Fey Queen and not Cumber. Cumber told Merlin that she’d be welcomed in his dungeons. He allied with Uther. Moreover, the Widow had revealed Nimue’s name had been given, implying that she would die.

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